Betting manual

Betting manual

1. Introduction

To start we would like to highlight the importance of reading and understanding this manual well to interpret the picks that we will put in the app and, most important, play the money in a responsible way.

We will explain the topics that we consider the most relevant so that there is no doubt about the procedure that will be carried out. However, if there is something in the air and you don’t understand it, you can contact with our technical team to solve your doubts and we will be happy to help you.

Our first objective is not to profit from you but rather to share our knowledge about betting so that we all get the most out of it. All the picks that we share needs a lot of study time behind, plus more than 3 years of experience.


2. Vocabulary

– Bank: the amount of money that you have in the bookie account and it is available to bet.

– Pick: forecast.

– Stake: is the amount of money that you will bet according to the confidence that the tipster has in his pick. To calculate your stake we recommend the following operation: BANK / 20 and the result will be the amount of stake that you will have to play for each unit wagered. Example:  400 £ of bank = stake 1 from 20 £. Bet example: Rafa Nadal @1.61 stake 2. It means that we will bet 40 £. The stake range that we use is from 0.25 to 5.

– Close bet: Some bookies give us the option to close a bet, this means that at any time of the game our bet can be closed  pressing the close button if the result is very favorable for us.

– Value: that a odds or bet has a value, means that they are paying us more than the real probabilities of that bet and, therefore, it is overvalued.

– Lay: is to bet against, bet that something will not happen. For example, lay to Roger Federer means bet against him in the next game.

– Combined bet: it is a type of bet in which we choose some events and we will bet all at once, creating a single odd, which will come from the multiplication of all.

– Over / Under: types of bets in which you play on whether you are going to overcome or not a number of goals, points, games, sets (depending on the sport). Over means “more” and under “less”.

– Handicap: a team is given a ‘virtual advantage’, with which said team would dominate the scoreboard with a certain advantage before the start of the game, that is, it is about adding or subtracting, depending on the bet, the final result with your handicap bet. Example: Bayern Munich – Duisburg. Handicap +2 (2 goals are added to Duisburg); Bayern wins 1: 0; with the handicap the result of the bet is however 1 :2. Who has bet on the handicap bet of the Duisburg has won.

– Asian Handicap: following the same guidelines as the previous case with the novelty that, if the final result after applying the handicap is equal to 0, the bet is considered void and the money is returned.

– Dog: Go to the ‘dog’ is to go against the favorite.


3. How much money is needed to start?

It is the first decision that we must make once we have decided to start betting. Our recommendation is that you put the money that you don’t need  in the short time.

The maximum we advise to start is 100/200 £ for each betting house, since with that amount the bookies give you other bonuses to be able to obtain benefits. Depending on the group in which you wish to participate or the bookie that you are going to use, we recommend increasing the initial amount.


4. Basic rules and recommendations.

You should put some fixed stakes at the beginning, which can be modified as your bank increases, we don’t recommend increasing the bank in the middle of the week.

When a pick is placed with stake 1 or more, it is not usually sent, never closes, unless 95% of the bet or more it it is paid.

Never bet a higher amount than you are willing to lose. Bets have a random component and this is only mitigated in the long term. Therefore, never bet amounts that you can’t lose because the bad spells exist.

Always bet without counting your emotions or feelings. Seeing the events from a distance and without being influenced by feelings is totally fundamental to being a winning gambler. Trust our picks because behind them there is a very thorough study.

It is not advisable to bet to recover since that inevitably leads to bankruptcy. Nothing happens to end a day with losses. There will be days that will go well and others that will not, but we don’t have to be obsess by it.


5. Our functioning

Each group has it’s own idiosyncrasy, but we will briefly explain the operation of each of them. The ITF PRE group will consist of sending most of the day with hours in advance, that is, from 8.30 the picks can arrive. The group of LIVE BETS needs a more dedicated attention since there can be picks at any time but we will always have enough margin to place the bets. The ATP/WTA/CHALLENGER group will be the same as the ITF PRE group, which will need the least attention since there are no problems with the liquidity of the markets. Eventually there could be picks from other sports that would always be recommendations.

Regarding the ITF, you have to know somethings:

We are betting in a very special type of market and very volatile. The value of the picks here lasts very little time to share and there are many people waiting for them, so, you have to be very aware at peak times on key days. These days are from Sunday night until Thursday afternoon.

We are not who set these schedules, it’s the bookie, which increasingly makes it harder for us to catch what interests us. It is for all this that it is especially important to be aware of notifications because when a pick is posted, it will last a few minutes at a time, and sometimes not even that. If the published pick drops quickly and you do not manage to catch it at a fee, in principle it is better not to catch it already, because it will have lost value, but this we will clarify later.

We hope to have solved all or many of your doubts, and if you still have them, contact us.


6. Conclusion

Once you enter any of our groups you will be accepting the conditions established in advance, that is, the form of payment and any modification to which the operation of the group may be subject.

You can always check our statistics since July 2014. If you have any questions we will be happy to help you from our technical support.

Finally and most importantly, the picks are private, personal and non-transferable, passing them or taking screenshots in the following minutes will mean immediately your expulsion without refund of the cost of the service.