Retired in tennis

Retired in tennis

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Surely the tennis player that you have bet on, or his opponent, has retired, and you do not know what happens with your bet. Each bookie has different rules on tennis retreats and in this article we will help you to clarify all your doubts about the outcome of your bet, depending on each type of bookie.

There are three types of bookies in this sense. Match bookie, set bookie, and point bookie. First, we will analyze what each type consists of.


Match bookie:

To this group belong the bookies that only take for granted the bets in which the game has been completed in its entirety. However, there are particularities in each bookie that we will analyze later.

Set bookie:

In these bookies it is necessary to complete a set to consider your bets are valid.

Point bookie:

This group includes bookies that consider bets or losers the bets once the first point of the match is completed.

It is very important to be aware of these details because sometimes we will opt for one or other bookies depending on their rules and the risk of injury that exists in that game to benefit, or not be harmed by it.

Next we will analyze each bookie with all its peculiarities.


Betting on the winner of the match

All bets will be void in the event that a match begins but is not completed, with the exception of the disqualification of a player once the match has started, in which case the player / team that qualifies for the next round or is officially proclaimed As the winner, he will also be considered the winner for betting purposes.

Total Games Markets / Handicap Games

All bets will be void in case of abandonment, disqualification or change of area midway through the match, unless there is no possible way for the set and / or the game to be played until its natural conclusion without determining the result of said market unconditionally.

Ex. 1. If a set is abandoned to 4-4: More / Less bets of a maximum of 9.5 games in the set, will be determined as won / lost respectively, since the regular conclusion of the set would be of at least 10 games; More / Less bets will be void from a minimum of 10.5 games.

Ex. 2. If a match to 3 sets is abandoned to 6-4 2-6: More / Less bets of a maximum of 23.5 games during the match, will be determined as won / lost respectively, since the regular ending of the match would be at least 24 games; More / Less bets will be void from a minimum of 24.5 in games.

Ex. 3. If a match to 3 sets is abandoned to 6-4 4-6 5-5: Bets on players with a handicap of +2.5 or more will be determined as winners. Bets on players with a handicap of -2.5 will be determined as losers. Bets on a draw with a handicap of +/- 3 or more will be determined as losers. All bets with a handicap of -2 to +2 will be void.

Betting on the set (2-0, 0-2, 2-1, 1-2, and similar for matches to 5 sets)

Bets will be void if the set number of sets is not completed, or if it changes.

In order for bets to prevail, the match must be completed. All bets will be void in case of disqualification or abandonment.

* INTERWETTEN: In the case of this bookies, they will be valued as losses if they could not be won, even if the match had continued until the end of the regulation game time (for example, set bet “Player A wins 2- 0 “player A leaves during the second set after having lost the first set, the rest of options, 2-1, 0-2, 1-2, will be considered canceled and will be valued with a fee of 1.0).

Therefore, we see that Interwetten in this case behaves differently than the other point bookies, giving up lost 2-0 in case of having lost the first set, even if the match is not completed in its entirety.

Set markets, the game, the break or similar

All bets will be void in the event that a disqualification or abandonment occurs during a set, game or specific point, unless the bet has already been determined. That is, if the set, game, or point, has been disputed in its entirety and it has fallen from one side or the other, the bets will be considered valid.

BETFAIR (Update 2018)

Special mention for BETFAIR that has different consideration depending on the type of market, is therefore SET BOOKIE AND POINT BOOKIE. For the match betting markets, if a player or pair withdraws from a match of an ATP, WTA, Challenger Tour, Grand Slam, Davis Cup, Federation Cup or Hopman Cup, the player or the pair that passes to the next Round (or win the tournament in the case of a final) will be considered a winner (unless the withdrawing player or pair does so before the first set ends, in which case the match bets will be void).

Bets placed on other tournaments or matches (such as ITF or exhibition matches) and bets on other markets (ie markets other than match betting) will be void in the event that a player or pair withdraws ( regardless of whether the withdrawal occurs during or after the first set), unless, in the case of bets in other markets, the result of the bet has been determined unequivocally before the time of withdrawal (in which case, the bet will be valid and settled accordingly).


Winner of the match

If a tennis match ends due to the abandonment of one of the players, the bet “Who will win?” Will be considered valid as soon as the first set of the match ends. For purposes of betting, only the player who is declared the winner by the seat judge or will go to the next round officially will be considered the winner. The same will apply to “doubles” matches.

Total games / Handicap games

In the event that a player is a winner because his opponent withdraws before the set number of sets has been completed, all Handicap bets from that match will be declared void unless at the time of withdrawal they had already I was able to determine a result for these bets.

Betting on the set

In the case of “correct score” bets, the total number of sets required to win the match must be completed. If a player wins the match before the full number of sets ends, all correct marker bets on that match will be void. Also in this case, set bookie such as Marathonbet, define in their rules that “bets will be lost to the set that can no longer be given as a result”. That is, if you bet on 2-0 of Nadal vs Federer, and the first set is won by Federer, your bet would be declared as loser.

For Apuestas de Murcia, if the abandonment occurs before the end of the 1st set all the predictions will be canceled, if the abandonment occurs at a later time after the end of the 1st Set, it will be considered as a losing prognosis, assigning the winner the number maximum of Sets required for the victory (3 or 5) and the loser the sets that he has played and won in full.

Markets of set, game, point, or similar.

In these cases, almost all bookies act in the same way, giving validity to bets already resolved at the time of withdrawal. Therefore, if a point, game, or set has not ended in its entirety, these bets will be determined as void. With the exception, again, of Murcia Betting, which determines for the case of “Winner of the set”: If the abandonment occurs before the end of the 1st set all forecasts will be canceled, if the abandonment occurs at a later time At the end of the 1st Set, it will be considered as a losing prognosis in that type of bet started and that is not resolved. Therefore, for this bookie the bets to the set in question are valid, as soon as this starts.


Winner of the match

In the event that the indicated number of sets is not played by decision of the judge or the official judge of the match or the official organizer, or a withdrawal occurs in the match, the winner determined by this will be the final winner, regardless of of how many points have been played match. That is to say, for the purposes of betting, as soon as the first match point is disputed, the winner bets are valid and will be winners / losers depending on the player who advances the round.

Total games / Handicap games

Betting “Total games” and “Handicap games”: If a match is considered finished by the judges of the event, for whatever reason, before the entire match is played completely, “Total games” bets and “Handicap games” will remain valid in case of having a certain result at the time of the end of the event. If there is no certain result, all the predictions of those bets will be canceled.

Betting on the set

If a player withdraws throughout the match, the bets that have already been settled will be valid (for example, winner of the first game, winner of the first set, etc.)

In the event that the game or set on which a bet was made would not have concluded at the time of the player’s withdrawal, the bet will be void.

* Vivelasuerte: (Final Result) If a tennis event ends before its scheduled completion by abandoning one of the betting options it will be considered a losing prognosis, in this case the winner is assigned the maximum number of Sets (3 or 5) ) and the loser the sets he has won. Ex. To three sets: 2-1, 2-0, 1-2 or 0-2 Ex. To five sets: 3-2, 3-1, 3-0, 2-3, 1-3 or 0-3 .

We observe that Vivelasuerte behaves identically to Murcia Betting in this section. Example: If in a Nadal vs Federer, Nadal wins the first set 6-2, but withdraws from the game, the result for betting purposes is 1-2 for Federer. If the one that retires is Federer after that same first set, the official result for Vivelasuerte is 2-0 for Nadal. Similarly 1-3 or 3-0 if it is to 5 sets.

Markets of set, game, point or similar.

In the case of both Retabet and Codere, only bets that have already been settled will be valid. For this, the corresponding point, game or set must have been completed. As for Vivelasuerte: Winner (1st Set), Winner (2nd Set), etc. It is a betting modality in which it is predicted which of the participants will be the winner of the corresponding SET. If a tennis event ends before its scheduled completion due to the abandonment of one of the betting options, it will be considered a losing prognosis in that betting modality that has been initiated and that has not been resolved.

Therefore, Vivelasuerte considers the bets on the set to be valid once this has started, and declares winner to the opponent of the retiring player.

To end this article of help, we leave the link of each bookie where you can consult any type of doubt.




casa de apuestas overgreen

– BET365

Without a doubt the best option for beginners, his interface is the simplest and the liquidity of his markets makes it the ideal option for every bettor. We will not discover that they have the majority of tennis markets (and all sports). It is essential when you are starting in a group of bets. The bonuses they offer are usually interesting. The odds that they offer are not usually the best but compensates for the durability of them. They also offer the service of closing bets, both manual and automatic, which gives us the possibility of being able to change out a bet when we want.

The withdrawals from banks are the fastest bookmakers and this is another point in favor, no doubt being able to dispose of the balance within 48 hours is a great advantage. In the registration part we found a simple and intuitive verification process. We also have a version in .com which means that we can bet in a lot of countries.

Casas de apuesta Bet 365 Overgreen


This bookie has a wide variety of tennis markets, especially of doubles matches at the ITF level. What makes it more attractive is that it has the majority of tennis matches that have been vetoed by other bookies. It has a good liquidity and the odds usually can keep even minutes. Against it we can say that they have no way to contact from Spain, so to mediate with them will always be through chat and operators. The interface is not very complex and once you understand its dynamics it can be a good choice for beginners who do not want to use bet365 accounts.

Casa de apuesta Bwin en Overgreen


Codere is a Spanish bookie. The advantage that they have is the possibility of combining online and physical placebets. They also have the posibility of a withdrawal service in their business, as well as the possibility of associating a card with our account with which we can bet on premises or withdraw our money without having to go through the bank. The best thing about being able to bet from a physical place is that you can do it without fear of limitations. In prematch they only have the big tournaments, but in live they usually have ITF matches, which makes them a good option for those who do not want to bet from a computer.

Casa de apuestas online Codere en Overgreen


They have a large number of places where you can bet on large markets and live in individual ITF matches, while doubles usually do not come out, which limits their use to the use of big tournaments. They have a service of personalized cards that serve to make bets without having to enter the money, which facilitates the ability to bet from a more discreet perspective in the premises.

Casa de apuestas Murcia en Overgreen


In this bookie we find the best alternative for live markets, in terms of prematch just have only large tournaments, in his favor we can say that he has good odds and liquidity is quite high. As for the ITF we have the majority of live matches, which can help us not to depend on other betting houses. Their customer service is one of the best, they provide data about the account by email and they respond more quickly than their competitors.

Casa de apuestas William Hill en Overgreen


In this bookie we can find a good variety of tennis markets, both doubles matches played on the same day as individual matches. It has an average liquidity compared to other houses but in his favor, the odds usually keep more time. The interface is the simplest, being able to find the matches of the same tournament together, whether they have started or not and when you understand their dynamics it can be a good choice for beginners who do not want to use bet365 accounts.

Betfair casa de apuestas Overgreen en Murcia


One of the last houses that have come into action, have the matches of individuals in prematch (including qualys) and live some doubles, they have a good liquidity and have markets for large tournaments. A good choice for those who want to use it as an alternative to other bigger houses.

Casa de apuesta Circus en Overgreen


In this bookie we find a good variety of tennis markets, the downside is the low liquidity that they have in ITF prematch, compensated by a good selection of live markets, if we recommend its use is mainly for people who are in live They have handicap markets, under / over and 2-0 that are not in all the houses. The interface has been improved recently and now it is much easier to find the markets.

Casa apuestas Luckia de tenis en Overgreen

– 888SPORT:

This bookie offers us one of the most complete live services, his odds are usually the highest and there are no liquidity problems. They have good odds in prematch big tournaments but not for ITF. His recommendation is especially for set markets, 2-0 and lines of games.

Casa apuestas 888 sport en overgreen


Its main advantage is the possibility of combining online and physical bets. In prematch only have the big tournaments and singles matches of ITF. They have a good liquidity and better odds than the rest. It is the best option fot the FULL group because you can find a lot of Challenger matches.

Casa de apuestas online Sportium en Overgreen


In this bookie we find a wide variety of live markets, their odds are usually higher than the rest and there are no liquidity problems. His recommendation is especially for markets of set and 2-0. It can also be a complement for ATP / WTA / Challenger bets, although in these markets they do not usually give the best quota almost never.

Casa de apuestas online Marca en Overgreen

The season starts in Brisbane

The season starts in Brisbane

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The Brisbane tournament (December 31-January 7) marks the beginning of the season at the ATP circuit. First of the tour that culminates with the first Grand Slam of the year, the Australian Open.

This ATP 250 that is played in the Queensland Tennis Center is one of the most important in the preparation of the AO, since its conditions are very similar to the Australian Grand Slam. In fact, usually brings together the best international tennis rackets with the intention of adapting to these conditions and with their eyes on the AO.

ATP Brisbane is disputed on Hard surface (Outdoor). Plexicushion, a surface exactly like we will have in the first Grand Slam of 2018. In addition, the conditions of high humidity and high temperatures characteristic of these early seasons in Australian lands, require a great adaptation of the tennis players.

One of the most important aspects of this year may be the important absence of some of the best rackets of the Top 10 ATP.

Rafael Nadal announced that he will not be able to play this first tournament of the season, due to the physical conditions in which he is “my intention was to play, but I am still not ready after the last season that was long and the fact of having started late. preparation”. Rafa joins other high-level tennis players such as the Japanese Kei Nishikori, who may not be on the first date of the year either. The one who will not miss his appointment is the Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov, who defends his title won in 2017.

These are the most relevant players that will play the ATP250 Brisbane.

With this picture, we are facing the possibility of a definitive explosion of great promises such as the Canadian Shapovalov, the Korean Hyeon Chung, who will surely make it very difficult for favorites like Murray, Dimitrov, Kyrgios or Raonic.

Fasten your belts that starts!

Starts the countdown

Starts the countdown

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The lovers of tennis are in luck, Serena is back. Almost a year after his last Grand Slam we are sure he will return with renewed energy to the championships. Throughout these months we have seen her rally and we know she will not settle for playing first rounds, we will watch her during the exhibition tournaments and who knows if we will not go with her throughout the Australian Open; tennis again shows us the desire to excel that athletes have, anyone with everything that Serena, Nadal or Federer has won could say enough, live from the past and settle, but they have something that makes them different, that makes them special, We are looking forward to the season and if it is with all the big ones even better.

In this 2017 the Grand Slam have been dominated by Nadal and Federer in the male field and completely divided in the female box, we hope to see Garbiñe repeat for the third consecutive year and again see Rafa at the top of the box.

For our part we wanted to tell you that we have been disconnected for a couple of weeks, we hope that you too, the year has been very good and the demand is always high, so we would like to thank everyone for the bad days, which tend to be few, but we are so grateful … We are ready, the tennis players too, we hope you will be ready too. ?

Betting manual

Betting manual

Apuestas deportivas overgreen

1. Introduction

To start we would like to highlight the importance of reading and understanding this manual well to interpret the picks that we will put in the app and, most important, play the money in a responsible way.

We will explain the topics that we consider the most relevant so that there is no doubt about the procedure that will be carried out. However, if there is something in the air and you don’t understand it, you can contact with our technical team to solve your doubts and we will be happy to help you.

Our first objective is not to profit from you but rather to share our knowledge about betting so that we all get the most out of it. All the picks that we share needs a lot of study time behind, plus more than 3 years of experience.


2. Vocabulary

– Bank: the amount of money that you have in the bookie account and it is available to bet.

– Pick: forecast.

– Stake: is the amount of money that you will bet according to the confidence that the tipster has in his pick. To calculate your stake we recommend the following operation: BANK / 20 and the result will be the amount of stake that you will have to play for each unit wagered. Example:  400 £ of bank = stake 1 from 20 £. Bet example: Rafa Nadal @1.61 stake 2. It means that we will bet 40 £. The stake range that we use is from 0.25 to 5.

– Close bet: Some bookies give us the option to close a bet, this means that at any time of the game our bet can be closed  pressing the close button if the result is very favorable for us.

– Value: that a odds or bet has a value, means that they are paying us more than the real probabilities of that bet and, therefore, it is overvalued.

– Lay: is to bet against, bet that something will not happen. For example, lay to Roger Federer means bet against him in the next game.

– Combined bet: it is a type of bet in which we choose some events and we will bet all at once, creating a single odd, which will come from the multiplication of all.

– Over / Under: types of bets in which you play on whether you are going to overcome or not a number of goals, points, games, sets (depending on the sport). Over means “more” and under “less”.

– Handicap: a team is given a ‘virtual advantage’, with which said team would dominate the scoreboard with a certain advantage before the start of the game, that is, it is about adding or subtracting, depending on the bet, the final result with your handicap bet. Example: Bayern Munich – Duisburg. Handicap +2 (2 goals are added to Duisburg); Bayern wins 1: 0; with the handicap the result of the bet is however 1 :2. Who has bet on the handicap bet of the Duisburg has won.

– Asian Handicap: following the same guidelines as the previous case with the novelty that, if the final result after applying the handicap is equal to 0, the bet is considered void and the money is returned.

– Dog: Go to the ‘dog’ is to go against the favorite.


3. How much money is needed to start?

It is the first decision that we must make once we have decided to start betting. Our recommendation is that you put the money that you don’t need  in the short time.

The maximum we advise to start is 100/200 £ for each betting house, since with that amount the bookies give you other bonuses to be able to obtain benefits. Depending on the group in which you wish to participate or the bookie that you are going to use, we recommend increasing the initial amount.


4. Basic rules and recommendations.

You should put some fixed stakes at the beginning, which can be modified as your bank increases, we don’t recommend increasing the bank in the middle of the week.

When a pick is placed with stake 1 or more, it is not usually sent, never closes, unless 95% of the bet or more it it is paid.

Never bet a higher amount than you are willing to lose. Bets have a random component and this is only mitigated in the long term. Therefore, never bet amounts that you can’t lose because the bad spells exist.

Always bet without counting your emotions or feelings. Seeing the events from a distance and without being influenced by feelings is totally fundamental to being a winning gambler. Trust our picks because behind them there is a very thorough study.

It is not advisable to bet to recover since that inevitably leads to bankruptcy. Nothing happens to end a day with losses. There will be days that will go well and others that will not, but we don’t have to be obsess by it.


5. Our functioning

Each group has it’s own idiosyncrasy, but we will briefly explain the operation of each of them. The ITF PRE group will consist of sending most of the day with hours in advance, that is, from 8.30 the picks can arrive. The group of LIVE BETS needs a more dedicated attention since there can be picks at any time but we will always have enough margin to place the bets. The ATP/WTA/CHALLENGER group will be the same as the ITF PRE group, which will need the least attention since there are no problems with the liquidity of the markets. Eventually there could be picks from other sports that would always be recommendations.

Regarding the ITF, you have to know somethings:

We are betting in a very special type of market and very volatile. The value of the picks here lasts very little time to share and there are many people waiting for them, so, you have to be very aware at peak times on key days. These days are from Sunday night until Thursday afternoon.

We are not who set these schedules, it’s the bookie, which increasingly makes it harder for us to catch what interests us. It is for all this that it is especially important to be aware of notifications because when a pick is posted, it will last a few minutes at a time, and sometimes not even that. If the published pick drops quickly and you do not manage to catch it at a fee, in principle it is better not to catch it already, because it will have lost value, but this we will clarify later.

We hope to have solved all or many of your doubts, and if you still have them, contact us.


6. Conclusion

Once you enter any of our groups you will be accepting the conditions established in advance, that is, the form of payment and any modification to which the operation of the group may be subject.

You can always check our statistics since July 2014. If you have any questions we will be happy to help you from our technical support.

Finally and most importantly, the picks are private, personal and non-transferable, passing them or taking screenshots in the following minutes will mean immediately your expulsion without refund of the cost of the service.