Overgreen ITF PRE

Overgreen ITF PRE


Yield24.91 %Won961
Benefit521.15 UTS


The LIVE group needs more dedicated attention, since there can be picks/tips at any time of the day.

Normally they are from Monday to Friday. You will be notified in advance to make the bets and we will indicate the bookmaker in which you should access as quickly as possible. This group is recommended for people who can act quickly by placing a bet about 30 seconds after we have sent the pick/tip. Quick action will get the real benefits from this service.

It is recommended to have accounts in a few bookmakers, so as not to depend exclusively on bet365.

The number of picks/tips throughout a month is usually high. In 2017 we shared around the 80 per month, but this figure is variable.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Statistics by Month
62019518.33 UTS11.34 %1.691.4434170tennis
5201912826.52 UTS12.39 %1.711.6782424tennis
420198728.97 UTS18.11 %1.721.8461260tennis
3201910438.05 UTS20.96 %1.721.7571303tennis
220197348.54 UTS39.38 %1.831.6956161tennis
120194026.72 UTS42.08 %1.761.593190tennis
11201810456.21 UTS32.30 %1.751.6776280tennis
10201810341.83 UTS24.53 %1.701.6675280tennis
0920187125.37 UTS21.87 %1.711.6350210tennis
0820188027.74 UTS21.58 %1.701.6158220tennis
0720189836.40 UTS24.18 %1.711.5471270tennis
06201810143.87 UTS27.16 %1.671.6072290tennis
05201813235.51 UTS18.94 %1.741.4290420tennis
0420188134.49 UTS28.27 %1.771.5162190tennis
0320189642.60 UTS30.53 %1.721.4572240tennis
Statistics by Stake
1.4205201813235.51 UTS18.94 %1.7490420tennis
1.4462019518.33 UTS11.34 %1.6934170tennis
1.450320189642.60 UTS30.53 %1.7272240tennis
1.510420188134.49 UTS28.27 %1.7762190tennis
1.540720189836.40 UTS24.18 %1.7171270tennis
1.59120194026.72 UTS42.08 %1.763190tennis
1.6006201810143.87 UTS27.16 %1.6772290tennis
1.610820188027.74 UTS21.58 %1.7058220tennis
1.630920187125.37 UTS21.87 %1.7150210tennis
1.6610201810341.83 UTS24.53 %1.7075280tennis
1.6711201810456.21 UTS32.30 %1.7576280tennis
1.675201912826.52 UTS12.39 %1.7182424tennis
1.69220197348.54 UTS39.38 %1.8356161tennis
1.753201910438.05 UTS20.96 %1.7271303tennis
1.84420198728.97 UTS18.11 %1.7261260tennis
Statistics by Odds
1.6706201810143.87 UTS27.16 %1.6072290tennis
1.6962019518.33 UTS11.34 %1.4434170tennis
1.7010201810341.83 UTS24.53 %1.6675280tennis
1.700820188027.74 UTS21.58 %1.6158220tennis
1.710720189836.40 UTS24.18 %1.5471270tennis
1.715201912826.52 UTS12.39 %1.6782424tennis
1.710920187125.37 UTS21.87 %1.6350210tennis
1.72420198728.97 UTS18.11 %1.8461260tennis
1.723201910438.05 UTS20.96 %1.7571303tennis
1.720320189642.60 UTS30.53 %1.4572240tennis
1.7405201813235.51 UTS18.94 %1.4290420tennis
1.7511201810456.21 UTS32.30 %1.6776280tennis
1.76120194026.72 UTS42.08 %1.593190tennis
1.770420188134.49 UTS28.27 %1.5162190tennis
1.83220197348.54 UTS39.38 %1.6956161tennis
Statistics by Type
tennis220197348.54 UTS39.38 %1.831.6956161
tennis0320189642.60 UTS30.53 %1.721.4572240
tennis3201910438.05 UTS20.96 %1.721.7571303
tennis0420188134.49 UTS28.27 %1.771.5162190
tennis05201813235.51 UTS18.94 %1.741.4290420
tennis06201810143.87 UTS27.16 %1.671.6072290
tennis0720189836.40 UTS24.18 %1.711.5471270
tennis420198728.97 UTS18.11 %1.721.8461260
tennis0820188027.74 UTS21.58 %1.701.6158220
tennis5201912826.52 UTS12.39 %1.711.6782424
tennis0920187125.37 UTS21.87 %1.711.6350210
tennis62019518.33 UTS11.34 %1.691.4434170
tennis10201810341.83 UTS24.53 %1.701.6675280
tennis11201810456.21 UTS32.30 %1.751.6776280
tennis120194026.72 UTS42.08 %1.761.593190
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