Overgreen Alternative bookies

Overgreen Alternative bookies


Yield27.24 %Won62
Benefit41.46 UTS



This group is designed for all those who don’t have accounts in any of the best-known bookmakers, the market liquidity allows you to bet without problems in physical establishments and other bookmakers with fewer markets.

This group doesn’t need any special attention ,since notifications will be in advance. So, you will be able to bet without problems. The markets in which we will operate will be mainly the doubles.

Regarding the number of monthly picks/tips, it should be noted that on average there could be about 20/25 per month. Everything depends on the number of tournaments that there are and how interesting each match market is. The most profitable markets normally are the Grand Slams but also the first rounds of other types of tennis tournaments can offer interest too.


Statistics by Month
022024194.60 UTS14.60 %1.711.661270tennis
012024122.34 UTS12.32 %1.611.58840tennis
11202369.16 UTS76.33 %1.762.00600tennis
1020231-2.00 UTS-100.00 %2.00010tennis
102023126.76 UTS28.17 %1.692.00930tennis
0920231614.29 UTS54.96 %1.841.631420tennis
082023214.31 UTS11.65 %1.661.761380tennis
Statistics by Stake
1.58012024122.34 UTS12.32 %1.61840tennis
1.630920231614.29 UTS54.96 %1.841420tennis
1.66022024194.60 UTS14.60 %1.711270tennis
1.76082023214.31 UTS11.65 %1.661380tennis
2.00102023126.76 UTS28.17 %1.69930tennis
2.001020231-2.00 UTS-100.00 %010tennis
2.0011202369.16 UTS76.33 %1.76600tennis
Statistics by Odds
1020231-2.00 UTS-100.00 %2.00010tennis
1.61012024122.34 UTS12.32 %1.58840tennis
1.66082023214.31 UTS11.65 %1.761380tennis
1.69102023126.76 UTS28.17 %2.00930tennis
1.71022024194.60 UTS14.60 %1.661270tennis
1.7611202369.16 UTS76.33 %2.00600tennis
1.840920231614.29 UTS54.96 %1.631420tennis
Statistics by Type
tennis082023214.31 UTS11.65 %1.661.761380
tennis0920231614.29 UTS54.96 %1.841.631420
tennis102023126.76 UTS28.17 %1.692.00930
tennis1020231-2.00 UTS-100.00 %2.00010
tennis11202369.16 UTS76.33 %1.762.00600
tennis012024122.34 UTS12.32 %1.611.58840
tennis022024194.60 UTS14.60 %1.711.661270
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