Fútbol de barro premium

Fútbol de barro premium


Yield13.38 %Won78
Benefit23.67 UTS


We are 2 third division football pickers

After our group Fútbol de Barro Basic was accepted, we began out adventure in sportmarket in December. In this service, we offer most of picks in LIVE. We will always try to alert with time enough to place the bets.

Most of picks will be sent on weekends, although it is possible to receive a pick on Wednesday or Thursday in case of cross-day or regional cup

The service will be offer entirely in sportmarket. Notice that picks can also be found in other bookies online and local premises

Information in order to contract in telegram @Overgreen

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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Statistics by Month
102020183.03 UTS12.12 %1.761.391170fútbol
09202094.14 UTS31.85 %1.911.44621fútbol
072020302.42 UTS6.45 %1.781.2516131fútbol
0320208-0.83 UTS-8.74 %1.831.19341fútbol
022020343.47 UTS6.80 %1.711.5022120fútbol
0120202911.44 UTS31.78 %1.781.242072fútbol
Statistics by Stake
1.190320208-0.83 UTS-8.74 %1.83341fútbol
1.240120202911.44 UTS31.78 %1.782072fútbol
1.25072020302.42 UTS6.45 %1.7816131fútbol
1.39102020183.03 UTS12.12 %1.761170fútbol
1.4409202094.14 UTS31.85 %1.91621fútbol
1.50022020343.47 UTS6.80 %1.7122120fútbol
Statistics by Odds
1.71022020343.47 UTS6.80 %1.5022120fútbol
1.76102020183.03 UTS12.12 %1.391170fútbol
1.78072020302.42 UTS6.45 %1.2516131fútbol
1.780120202911.44 UTS31.78 %1.242072fútbol
1.830320208-0.83 UTS-8.74 %1.19341fútbol
1.9109202094.14 UTS31.85 %1.44621fútbol
Statistics by Type
fútbol072020302.42 UTS6.45 %1.781.2516131
fútbol09202094.14 UTS31.85 %1.911.44621
fútbol0120202911.44 UTS31.78 %1.781.242072
fútbol022020343.47 UTS6.80 %1.711.5022120
fútbol0320208-0.83 UTS-8.74 %1.831.19341
fútbol102020183.03 UTS12.12 %1.761.391170
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